Albrecht von Grünhagen


Born in the German Democratic Republic (GDR).
Grew up in East Germany.
Studied at the dffb.
Lives in Berlin.
Works worldwide.



„The Boogeywoman“⎜Director: Erica Scoggins⎜20min⎜Alexa Mini
„Prototypes“⎜Director: Doireann O'Malley⎜104min⎜Alexa Mini
„Schwestern“⎜Director: Charlotte Feldmann⎜30min⎜Alexa Mini
„Tears Of Change“⎜Director: Ceylan Ataman-Checa⎜60min⎜Arri Amira
„The Sacred Disease“⎜Director: Erica Scoggins⎜30min⎜RED Epic
„The Feeling“⎜Director: Erica Scoggins⎜12min⎜Sony FS-7
„Ihr Sohn“⎜Director: Katharina Woll⎜30min⎜Arri Alexa
„Biester“⎜Director: Rebeca Ofek⎜23min⎜Arri Alexa
„Kann man unter Wasser weinen“⎜Regie: Bastian Gascho⎜7min⎜RED
„Diebe“⎜Director: Lauro Cress⎜6min⎜35mm
„Farbenblind“⎜Director: Daria Belova⎜15min⎜35mm
„Frida“⎜Director: Aleksandra Odic⎜25min⎜16mm
„Stille Tage“⎜Director: Övünc Güvenisik⎜10min⎜HD(Canon7D)
„Zusammen warten“⎜Director: Lauro Cress⎜5min⎜Sony F3
„Aurora Borealis“⎜Director: Bastian Gascho⎜5min⎜16mm
„4:16“⎜Director: Monica Lima, Bastian Gascho⎜7min⎜Arri Alexa
„NX2“⎜Director: Rebeca Ofek⎜12min⎜16mm
„Silent Youth“⎜Director: Diemo Kemmesies⎜Feature, 80min⎜RED ONE
„Vor Dir“⎜Director: Janin Halisch⎜20min⎜RED ONE
„Human Kapital“⎜Director: Diemo Kemmesies⎜Feature, 90min⎜HDV


„Trivago – Family“⎜Director: Britt DunseWatchmen Productions⎜Alexa Mini
„Trivago – Wedding Anniversary“⎜Director: Britt DunseWatchmen Productions⎜Alexa Mini
„Trivago – Taxi“⎜Director: Tim James Brown⎜Watchmen ProductionsAlexa Mini
„Clark – Peak Magnetic“⎜Director: Sander Houtkruijer⎜Production: Sander Houtkruijer⎜Red Epic
„Trivago – Mittelpunkt der Welt“⎜Director: Britt Dunse⎜Production: Britt Dunse⎜Sony A7s II

„Tumulto – Concrete Talk“⎜Director: Edwin Brienen⎜Production: Edwin Brienen⎜Sony FS-7
„Parade Me - Home“⎜Director: Albrecht von Grünhagen⎜Canon C300 MkII
„R3COMS - Echoring“⎜Director: Aljoscha Babel⎜Production: A/F GbR⎜Sony a7s II

„Teva - Improve“⎜Director: Florian Dietrich⎜Production: A/F GbR⎜Sony a7s II

„In Legend – Another Me“⎜Director: Bastian Emig⎜Production: Bastian Emig⎜Sony A7s II

„Jonah – All We Are“⎜Director: Sander Houtkruijer⎜Production: EASYdoesit⎜Arri Amira
„In Legend – Envoys of Peace“⎜Director: Daniel Wild⎜Production: Emig⎜RED Epic
„In Legend – King of Apathy“⎜Director: Daniel Wild⎜Production: Emig⎜RED Epic
„In Legend – Empty Place“⎜Director: Hendrik S. Schmitt⎜Production: The Jetlagged⎜REDOne


„Morgen ist ein neuer Tag”⎜Director: Sandra Kaudelka⎜90min⎜Sony FS-7
„Turning Point - Kaiser Wilhelm II”Director: Anne Delaney⎜30min⎜Sony FS-7
⎜Director: Hannes Richter⎜30min⎜Sony FS-7
„Die Schwester“⎜Director: Katharina Woll⎜7min⎜HD
„Rotation“⎜Director: Eric Esser⎜60min⎜DV
„Chaja und Mimi“⎜Director: Eric Esser⎜45min⎜HDV


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Albrecht von Grünhagen

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Diemo Kemmesies

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